Tungsten Elk Antler & Yooper Glow Inlay Ring

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This one of a kind ring is crafted from genuine Colorado elk antler sheds and Yooper Glow stone fragments. Hand-harvested from unique stone fragments, known as Yooper Glow, these pieces boast an extraordinary secret. During the day, they present as ordinary lake stones, but under UV light, they reveal a mesmerizing, ember-like glow. 

Built in our Colorado workshop, we use our 1942 lathe to machine the antler into the perfect shape to fit within the inlay groove, then pair it with Yooper Glow on a beautiful tungsten band. All sheds are ethically sourced and found in the Colorado backcountry, then sealed inside the inlay with a durable epoxy resin.

Due to the variety of antler, no ring will look the same and some variation in coloring will occur from ring to ring. Reach out to us if you'd like to provide your own antler!

In regular light, your Yooper Glow ring will have a natural, earthy appearance, resembling the beautiful stones found along the shores of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Included with your purchase is a 365NM ultraviolet keychain black light. Shine this light on your ring, and watch as the Yooper Glow colors burst into a vibrant, glowing display. This transformation is a hallmark of our Yooper Glow rings.

The product images depict the same ring under various lighting conditions. The ring you receive will resemble the non-glowing image under normal light. However, under UV light, the ring will emit a beautiful glow, as demonstrated in our glowing images.

This ring has the option to add a personalized engraving, making it your very own one of a kind ring. Be sure to order your custom inside engraving options separately, after this ring is added to your cart.

We provide a lifetime warranty service, covering all manufacturing defects and sizing mishaps.

Once your custom ring is handmade, we’ll ship it free to you anywhere in the USA. 

Don’t see your size or want to use special materials? Reach out to us – we're excited to create something just for you!

Size: 4.5
Width: 6mm


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